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Feature: Invisible diseases are another obstacle for working women


Feature: Meet the Three Women Protesting Trump by Putting on Stilettos


News: Florida woman sells positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist 

News: Stanford ‘rape case’ judge did no wrong, says judicial watchdog 

News, news news


Investigative featureA famous comedy club banned a comedian for alleged rape — and his fellow comics aren’t staying silent 

News: This is what happens when you tell Siri you’ve been sexually assaulted 

News, news, news


           Investigative Feature: A Friend Called And Said “I Just Saw Pictures Of You Naked”


Essay: I lost my libido at 21 


Feature: Teens Are Blogging About Suicide On The Internet — And No One Is Talking About It

Essay: I Was Threatened For Rejecting A Guy

Essay: The Problem With Waiting For Marriage

Essay: A Love Letter To Philadelphia

and news, news, news


News: College students in India are standing up to their school’s sexist rules

News: This orangutan had a baby shower and it was obviously the party of the year

News: A new study just changed everything you knew about Anne Frank

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Essay: Women get treated as equal consumers of news

Essay: The audience is the source and the story



History Is Made — Cuba Becomes First Country Ever To Eliminate Mother-To-Child HIV Transmissions

Man With Rare Condition Flies All The Way To Australia To Meet 2-Year-Old With Same Syndrome

Study Finds Marriages Last Longer When Couples Are Together For This Long

Birth Control For Men Is Doing Well In Testing — And Will Be Available By 2017

Study Proves Men Really Do Prefer Curves — But Not The Ones You Think


The Real Reason You Can’t Get Over Your Emotionally Abusive Ex

This Is What Happened When A Woman Of Color Asked Photo Editors Around The World To Make Her Beautiful

The FDA Is Finally Letting Gay Men Donate Blood — But Under One Horrible Condition

9 Serious Truths You Didn’t Know About Male Birth Control

Latinas Are Taking Over Twitter With A Hashtag That’s Setting The Record Straight

This 12-Year-Old Will Marry A Man Three Times Her Age Soon, Here’s How You Can Stop It


17 Gifts That Women Actually Want From Their Significant Others

25 Things Dads Are Hardly Told To Do For Their Daughters, But Should


This Is What Those Semicolon Tattoos Really Mean


These New Yorkers’ Responses To The Same Sex Marriage Ruling Are Absolutely Beautiful


Feature: Latinos Are Coming Out Of The Closet… As Atheists

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.48.38 PM

News: Professor Included In Boy Scout Pedophile Blacklist


Feature Interview: Interview with Full Houses’ Candace Cameron Bure: Heart Of The Matter

verve social magazine

Feature Interview: Interview with Big Time Rush Opener Music From Another Room


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